The Foundation's Activities

In the heart of international relations and cooperation between Italy and Vietnam, based on the experience gained in recent years by Dr. Cav. Maily Anna Maria Nguyen, the nonprofit foundation was established to promote and strengthen cultural, scientific and economic exchange between these two fascinating countries.  Our Foundation is passionately dedicated to carrying out a series of activities suitable for the development and transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge, serving as a point of reference for bilateral and international relations. 

Our commitment

Through the development and formation of established institutional, cultural, scientific and tourism relationships, we strive to promote mutual understanding between Italy and Vietnam, addressing priority issues that often escape attention due to the different geographical priorities of the two countries.

An important component of our efforts is education, which we see as fundamental to stimulating the progress and development of international relations. We organize and participate in events, such as conferences, conventions, congresses and seminars, as well as being involved in exhibitions, expositions and trade shows. 

Our commitment also extends to tourism and economic missions, while we support talent by establishing awards and scholarships, granting opportunities for a promising future.

Together, we hope to build a closer world where collaboration between Italy and Vietnam, and the other nations involved, can lead to meaningful and mutually beneficial results. We look forward to welcoming you to our Foundation, where commitment, knowledge and enthusiasm come together to make new perspectives and opportunities possible.

Toward new horizons of
shared and sustainable growth
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