Celebrating Ho Chi Minh’s 134th birthday: a seminar between Italy and Vietnam to honour a national hero

On the occasion of the 134th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birth, a hybrid seminar was held as part of the commemorative initiatives. The event, attended by Vietnamese and Italian dignitaries, paid tribute to the Vietnamese leader recognised by UNESCO as a Hero of National Liberation and Great Man of Culture of Vietnam.
The seminar was held on 21 May at the headquarters of the Embassy of the R.S. of Vietnam in Rome and was attended by a delegation from the Ho Chi Minh Political Academy (HCMA), which is a national centre for training the country’s ruling class. It is a very important structure, since it reports directly to the Party Central Committee and the government. Participants at the seminar included the Italy-Vietnam Foundation.
During the meeting, Vietnamese Ambassador Duong Hai Hung stressed the importance of the seminar in highlighting the legacy of President Ho Chi Minh and his influence on the Doi Moi (renewal) process undertaken by Vietnam over the past 40 years, which has led the country to rank among the world’s 40 largest economies. The event also provided an opportunity to delve into the period when President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in Italy in the 1930s, helping to consolidate historical ties between the two countries.

Professor Le Van Loi, Vice-President of HCMA, pointed out that the collaboration between Vietnam and Italy in researching and disseminating the ideology of Ho Chi Minh and other great thinkers is a concrete step to strengthen mutual understanding, trust and bilateral cooperation.
Francesco MaringiĆ², Vice-President of the Italy-Vietnam Foundation spoke to recall Ho Chi Minh’s contribution to the issue of Vietnam’s international integration and its cause. A contribution that laid the foundations for the Doi Moi policy, the renewal, which has propelled Vietnam into the ranking of countries with the fastest economic development.
Thus, the Foundation’s relentless activity in promoting Vietnam’s culture, history and cultural and political specificities continues, as a means of strengthening bilateral relations with Italy.