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A voice of exchange between Italy, Vietnam and Europe

Welcome to our website! We are a nonprofit foundation with a strong commitment to civic, solidarity, and charitable purposes. Our main goal is to promote and strengthen relations and cooperation between Italy and Vietnam, as well as between Europe and Vietnam, in various areas of general interest.

With the support and expertise of our Founding Promoters, we aspire to become a catalyst for initiatives between Italy and Vietnam, serving as a point of reference for the stakeholders involved. Our Foundation is dedicated to pursuing cultural, health, scientific, artistic, sports and environmental goals, as well as being active in the field of economics.
We carry out studies, research and programs of special significance, and organize significant events that promote the improvement and development of cultural and scientific relations between Italy and Vietnam, including in cooperation with government agencies. In addition, our openness to collaboration with other national and international organizations, both governmental and private, enables us to better achieve our goals.

We are excited to build relationships with other foundations and associations interested in the Vietnamese, Italian and international worlds, joining forces to promote cultural exchanges and mutual understanding between different realities.

Maily Anna Maria Nguyen


An expert in business internationalization and business development, she has gained relevant experience in SMART CITY and SMART COMMUNITY in recent years.
Since 2007 (for over 15 years) it has been supporting cooperation and promotion between Italy and Vietnam in close contact with their respective Embassies and Ambassadors.

Roberto Cajati

Vice-president | Coordinator of the Studies and Research Committee

A graduate of La Sapienza University with a degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Public Policy from Johns Hopkins University, he had an experience of more than 30 years as Head of the Study Office of the Italian Institute for Africa and the East (IsIAO), and later as an international policy analyst at the Analysis Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was Deputy Consul General at the Consulate General of Italy in Ho Chi Minh City, for 5 years.

Francesco MaringiĆ²

Vice-President | Head of Social Science Committee.

He was born in the province of Taranto in 1976 and later moved to Bologna (1998) where he still lives. Meanwhile, he also lived in Rome and Beijing. He has worked for several years for public institutions, national associations and private companies and is now a business consultant and publicist. He writes regularly on the topics of geopolitics and politics of asia. An essay by him on Vietnamese socialism is part of an official PCV publication.

Franco Venturi


Born in Bologna in 1946, over the course of his career he has gained extensive experience in the field of events through the establishment of companies specialized in structures and installations for theatre, sports, congresses and trade fairs

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